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Being Mindful in Yorkshire is a platform to provide information about mindfulness and nutrition, to promote local wellbeing events and services, bring awareness to national campaigns, to create a community of like minded mindful folk, and to share our own journeys (the ups and the downs) with mindfulness and a more holistic approach to living.

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We want Being Mindful in Yorkshire to be a community, and you are a vital part of that community. We would love to hear your stories of mindfulness, holistic living, food (we love food) classes and groups that you enjoy.

If you would like to contribute as a guest blogger just drop us a note and we can make that happen. If you know of a great wellbeing event in your area, or are hoping to organise one yourself, let us know!

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Welcome to Mindfulness & Wellbeing: The Blog. 

Here you will find our general ramblings, guest blog posts, mindful musings and practices, practical tips, recipes and information about forthcoming events. 

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Quick Veggie Risotto (v)

And so to day four of National Vegetarian Week; Risotto.  Many of the meals I cook are one pot wonders and when it gets to this time of the week they are one pot made of any bits of anything that are left in the fridge.  What’s in there?  Four spring onions, four chestnut mushrooms, […]

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