A Bountiful Bowl

Budda bowls are filling dishes made of greens (raw or cooked), grains, broth and beans and are great for a quick flavourful dinner. The good thing about them is you can stick pretty much anything you want in them.

The ingredients in mine were largely sourced from the reduced bin in a local supermarket and an ethical food shop whilst I was out on the hunt for vegan cheese yesterday (another story entirely) so it was a very cheap but very delicious dinner.


  • Pint of vegetable broth with a half-thumb sized piece of ginger, a clove of garlic and some fresh red chilli – all finely sliced thrown in to infuse for 10 minutes
  • Some steamed broccoli, carrot,  and sugar peas
  • Raw spinach and spring onion
  • Buckwheat noodles
  • Cashew nuts
  • Pressed tofu

Simply cook the buckwheat noodles in the vegetable broth for 5-6 minutes and put the carrots, broccoli and sugar peas in to steam (use microwave steamer to get them done in a couple of minutes).

Whilst they are cooking heat a little oil in a pan and fry some slices of tofu for a couple of minutes each side so they are golden and crispy. About 30 seconds before the end add a handful of cashew nuts to toast.

In a bowl arrange the noodles, raw and fresh vegetables and fried tofu in a bowl. Top with the toasted cashew nuts and a couple of spoons of the broth. Add a little more fresh chilli if you like your bountiful bowl hot!


I found the vegan cheese by the way, I have yet to try it. As a cheese lover I am skeptical…..


Brain Nuts – A Mindful Eating Exercise

A simple mindful eating exercise for a Sunday and one that is  great fun to do with the kids (unless you have nut allergies then I wouldn’t recommend it). I like to use walnuts as they are big enough to get a good grip, and there is less chance of your child being able to put it in their mouth with the shell still on.

Each take a walnut (still in its shell) in your hand and close your eyes. Turn the nut over in the palm of your hand feeling the shape and texture of its shell. This is actually really therapeutic so take your time, you can’t ruin the nut inside whilst the shell is intact. Roll it between your palms and move it from hand to hand. Hold it to your ear and give it a shake to hear it rattle.

Carefully crack open the nut and notice how the shell breaks. What does the shell look like now? Can you note the layers that the shell is made up of?

Remove the nut from the shell and place it on a plate.

Wait for your kids to shout BRAIN!

How does the nut look? Take the nut between your fingers and feel its texture, note how different it feels to its hard outer shell.

Place the nut in your mouth and see how long you can go without chewing, noticing the texture, feel and flavour.

Chew away and wait for your kids to shout YUK! (This is why I love the walnut game, more walnuts for me!)


#lovefood #learning