Mindfulness & Me, my journey so far.

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by Natalie

So where did it all begin?

I have heard it said that three of the most stressful things in life are:

  • Becoming a parent
  • Getting a divorce
  • Moving house

I did all three in three years! At the old age of 35 I became a mum to the worlds worst sleeper, then I got divorced and then just for good measure I chucked in a house move.

Stress? You have no idea. I did the best to be the best with what I had. I did my absolute best as a mother (and he has lived to tell the tale), my best in my job (I have yet to get fired) but my worst when it came to myself.

I became unhealthy both in body and mind. I gained weight, lost it and gained it again. I was like a balloon inflating and deflating and deflated I was. I became argumentative, judgemental and powerless in my own thoughts an emotions. I over analysed everything and became frustrated and unreasonable. I was exhausted and lost interest in my love of the outdoors and cooking, I was just too busy to do the things I loved and thats when thing really start to get tough.  My mind was full of chatter that just would not shut the hell up.

In 2016 I discovered mindfulness as a tool to help calm that chatter when I attended a work event run by Yorkshire Psychotherapy. I had been practicing yoga for a while in a bid to improve my physical wellbeing and was accustomed to being present in the moment but more as a tool to stop me falling on my face than anything else. The idea of mindfulness as a tool for life was completely new.


At the end of the workshop I took the literature on offer home and enrolled on a short, very inexpensive short course with Be Mindful, part of the Mental Health Foundation. Over four weeks the course looked at body scanning, mindful eating, stress awareness and meditation (to name a few) –  not in great depth but enough to learn a few techniques to try each day.  For the first time in a long while I felt my mind become less scattered and much more calm. It found it easier to sleep and I knew that I wanted to learn more . At the end of the course I enrolled on a Diploma in Mindfulness to expand my knowledge and own practice of Mindfulness.

I qualified as a  Mindfulness Practitioner in April 2017, I am now partway through studying Mindful Nutrition and have just commenced my Level 2 CBAP Counselling Skills.

I have founded Mindfulness & Wellbeing: Being Mindful in Yorkshire as a platform to share, educate and create a community of like-minded, mindful folk.


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